Buy Your House

Let our team guide you through your process of buying a house.

A dream home is not defined by its size or color. It’s about how you feel when you walk through the front door and see your life unfolding before you. This is about more than real estate; it’s about your future. At Connie Van Real Estate Group we have a six step process to help you find your dream home.

1. Home Visits

Our CVRE Agents will make the most of your home searching time by helping you get an accurate idea of your price range, estimate your monthly payments, and create a needs & wants list. By honing your search our CVRE Agents will be able to show you homes you really want to see and save you from walking homes that aren’t the right fit for you.

2. Making an Offer

Making an offer is a big deal and there are a lot of factors to consider when placing an offer on a home. Our CVRE agents will help you with deciding what price, terms, and contingencies you should include in your offer as well as providing you with the proper offer forms that comply with state and local laws.

3. Execute Contract

Real estate contracts are large documents with many different areas to review; from accuracy of your personal information to contingencies, disclosures, and clauses. Our CVRE Agents have the experience needed to ensure that you understand the contract in its entirety and are making the right decisions before signing.

4. Schedule Home Inspection

A Home Inspection is an important part of the home buying process. Your home inspection will check a list of over 1,000 items and give you a better understanding of the home you’re looking to buy. Your CVRE Agent will help you find a home inspector as well as understand the results of the inspection report. Based on the report findings your CVRE agent will help you decide if it is right to move forward with buying the home or if there are issues that need to be addressed or negotiated before moving forward.

5. Get a Home Warranty

A home warranty isn’t always needed, but if you are a first time home buyer, purchasing an existing home or don’t have emergency savings in place a warranty can provide peace of mind and coverage for unexpected repairs. There are many different points to consider when evaluating home warranty options, your CVRE agent can help you find a policy that is best for you.

6. Close

This is the last step to getting the keys to your new dream home, and although it may be exciting there are some very important tasks that need to be completed to ensure the purchase of your new home goes smoothly. Your CVRE agent will help you with choosing a title company, confirm all contract contingencies have been resolved, completing your Closing Disclosure Forms, and ensure your other legal documents are in order.